Monday, June 16, 2014

Eclipse keyboard shortcuts and Sublime Text 3 keybord shortcuts

Switching from Eclipse to Sublime Text 3?,  need some quick shortcuts to

1. Switching/Moving Lines up and down
Eclipse shortcut:  ⌘-UP to move lines up,  ⌘-DOWN to move lines down,
Sublime Text 3: CTRL-⌘-UP to move lines up, CTRL-⌘-DOWN to move lines down.

2. Deleting Entire Line your cursor is on 
Eclipse shortcut:⌘-D
Sublime Text 3: CTRL-SHIFT-K

3. Goto Line in File 
Eclipse shortcut: ⌘-L
Sublime Text 3: ⌘-P, then type a colon followed by the line number (e.g. :12 for line 12). To go to a line in another file, type the file name and then a colon and the line number.

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