Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gmail Tricks ;), Get more usage out of your Gmail address !

1. Create Filters with multiple Senders
Use the 'OR' keyword in between emails. 

Set up the filter as "email1@gmail.com OR email2@gmail.com" and continue from there.

2. The Plus Sign (+) in your Gmail address

For example you have an email address: ravi@gmail.com, then
  • ravi@gmail.com = ravi+anything@gmail.com = ravi+socialmedia@gmail.com
Gmail ignores anything after the + sign.  But sends/recieves with the full email address.

So, Why do you want to use the + sign ? To manage junk and unwanted emails :)

You can use this kind of email address at some social or coupon websites to register and later manage(probably delete) all their associated emails or notifications. 

So for example, you could register at these websites with ravi+couponjunk@gmail.com . And then create a filter with ravi+couponjunk@gmail.com and you can continue from there...

So from next time when u register, which requires your email, or when you post a contact email on your website. You can create a filter and manage these emails to be automatically archived, deleted, etc...

3. The dot Sign (.) in your Gmail address
For example you have an email address: ravi@gmail.com, then
  • ravi@gmail.com = r.a.v.i@gmail.com = ra.vi@gmail.com = r.av.i@gmail.com
Gmail ignores periods (.) as characters in email addresses. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

jQuery: Disable backgroud scrolling when simplemodal modal box is opened.

When using jQuery simplemodal, when the modal box is box is opened , following is one way to disable the scrolling in the background.

We change the css overflow property of the background in the onShow and onClose functions..


      maxWidth:800, minHeight:800,  
       onShow: function(dialog) {  
                 //YOur remaining javascript...  
       onClose: function(dialog) {